You’d think that with Konami and Sony saying David Hayter has no place in their film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid,
that would be the end of things. (Hayter has voiced various iterations
of lead character Snake in the last five Metal Gear games.) But IGN bugged him about the project at the Anime Expo over the weekend and Hayter still has plenty to say on the subject.

“What I’d really love to do, is
be the motion capture guy playing Snake, and do it in a
photo-realistic, fully CG movie. I’d love to play the character, but
I’d also love it to still be Snake’s face.”

Hayter is, fortunately, not as burdened by illusions of storytelling mastery as some fans (“The
only thing that really holds back the cut scenes from Metal Gear from
being movies, is that they are a little too Japanese in the way they
are told”
) which actually has me curious to read his treatment. Konami’s rejection of same is further incentive, really.  

Hayter isn’t a total scriptwriting neophyte. While fanboys know him as
the voice of Solid Snake, he also did a last-minute rewrite on X-Men (which earned him script credit from the WGA) and he penned the massive Watchmen
draft praised by both Moriarty and some guy with a beard named Moore.
(The praise was a bit backhanded in the latter case, but that’s a
situation where you’ll take what you can get.)

Hayter also has an embryonic deal with Warner Brothers to write and direct a film based on Capcom’s game Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. You can read more about that at IGN, too. It’s the only real movie news the guy has going right now.