A couple months ago I talked about Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday, the graphic novel written by Alex Cox as the official sequel to Repo Man. Figured that was going to be the end of Otto’s story…and in fact it might be. Screen Daily is saying that Cox has finished a script called Repo Chick which will, theoretically, be the official film sequel to Repo Man with a new lead character and a handful of returning personalities.

“The repo business has expanded to everything from boats, houses, aeroplanes, small nations…children,” Cox says. Screen Daily further summarizes that the film takes place “against the backdrop of the credit
crunch and the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, where repossessions
of homes, cars and other forms of property is at a new high.”

That makes the project sound like something that gestated quickly, and in fact it’s not even listed on Cox’s own website. (Which is very thoroughly updated, making the omission a definite red flag.) In this case, that might be the best possible scenario; there’s nothing worse than a laboriously overwrought follow-up desperate to capture the mojo of a weirdo flick like Repo Man. Cox is currently shopping the script to studios, but what he does with it after they all pass will be the interesting thing. Then again, maybe some exec will confuse Cox’s script with Repo Chick Blues and greenlight it by accident.