On his (hit?) Showtime show Californication, David Duchovny plays a writer who writes a blog for the make believe and soul-scrapingly named Hell-A Magazine. Apparently, the deadpan actor has a habit for blogging in the real as well. Duchovny wrote a blog about his experiences on the movie Trust the Man. And now, as a lead in to the X-Files flick that is miraculously coming out at the end of this month, he’s taking fan questions at the following address:


And he’s answering them in a no caps style…just like e.e. cummings! The deeply personal web journal just got started, so there is not much there yet. However, the first DD Responds update contains some savory details about acting with Gillian Anderson in other projects (never!) and what it’s like to step back into Fox Mulder’s loafers as an older gentleman (tricky!). As for the movie, Duchovny submitted this bit of ramble:

“and as for the movie itself—there is no way we can satisfy all the people all the time. there are just too many fans with too many secret wishes, too many wanting too many things—and that’s the good news. without all of you wanting this or that from the show, we wouldn’t still have the pleasure of making it for you. but i can say this—i am pleased by the movie as is chris, frank, gillian and everybody who has seen it. it’s smart, scary, has a lot of the old mulder scully thing and takes us back into a world that we missed. there won’t be some of this and there won’t be some of that—but there will be a lot of satisfaction. i really feel that in pleasing ourselves, we will have pleased you.”

Nothing like ending things on the wink-wink masturbation tip. I’m happy to hear that the movie “has a lot of the old mulder scully thing.” The previews have been kind of hiding the two under a lot of footage of a wild-haired and snow-blind Billy Connolly. Which is fine by me. That’s exactly how they sold White Oleander.