Wow, Cronenberg does not pair well with Inception bwaaaams. They’re especially grating if you’ve heard Howard Shore’s great music for Maps to the Stars, which is now available on Amazon. Shore fans should definitely give it a listen. Music aside, this new trailer has definitely gotten me pumped for the film’s release. I think that’s because this is a lot more forward with the drama and less heavy on the apparent quirk of the previous trailers we posted here. I like the image of Cusack wearing those silly toe-shoes, and I really like that Brandon Cronenberg’s father David has cast the wonderful Sarah Gadon as a dead celebrity, which seems appropriate after her performance in Antiviral. See you at the cinemas on Halloween!

P.S. – How weird is it that we’re not getting a horror franchise sequel this Halloween? Yes, we’re getting Annabelle, but that’s more of a spin-off. Instead of a Paranormal Activity, we’re getting a Cronenberg movie instead. That’s just great.