Sly Stallone has been talking for a very long time about doing another Rambo film. As early as the year after the last Rambo film came out (it debuted in 2008), he has had a few ideas. Ranging from a daughter he never knew he had being kidnapped, to fighting the Cartels in Mexico, to the way out of left filed idea of having Rambo fight a GENETICALLY ALTERED BEAST.

Now is the time it seems for Rambo to return and become a one man slaughterhouse again. A few weeks ago Sly was quoted as saying he was already training for his return to Rambo. That was taken fairly lightly, but now we have a shooting date (October) who is writing and directing it (Sly is taking those reins again), and even a title. RAMBO: LAST BLOOD.

The title could be better, but when one remembers some of the alternate titles for the last film, Rambo: Hell And Back, Rambo: PEARL OF THE COBRA, Rambo: Last Blood doesn’t sound too bad.

Sly’s latest action headliner, The Expendables III has infamously flopped here at the domestic box office, but thanks to our friends in Asia, the film has already recouped its budget. The latest EX film flopping obviously has something to do with Sly taking up the Rambo mantle again, but it would have happened eventually. No matter how much people thought Rambo was a perfect ending to the franchise (and it pretty much was), Sly has always stated he didn’t intend for that film to be a definitive end like Rocky Balboa was for the Rocky franchise. He wanted to make more. I was thinking he’d go for six like he did with the Rocky films, but if this title is any indication, we’ll just see Rambo back in action one last time.

Sly taking control of the film by writing and directing it is very good news. The last Rambo film was easily the bloodiest of the series and had wall to wall action that has infinite rewindabilty. Especially the beginning of the final assault where Rambo takes off the head of a Burmese solider, then uses the .50 caliber machine gun (made to take down aircrafts!) to turn another Burmese solider into RED PAINT.

I’ve been a Sylvester Stallone fan since I was about 6 years old. I’m glad that he’s still doing movies and proving that he can still bring the action. I’ll certainly be there to see this latest entry in the Rambo franchise once it’s released. Now let’s all just eagerly await who gets cast in the film alongside Sly!

source: Cinemablend