Last weekend I had a chance to talk to Lloyd Levin, one of the producers of United 93 and of Paul Greengrass’ new movie, Green Zone, which reteams the director with his Bourne star, Matt Damon. I asked him if he was concerned about the perception that Iraq movies don’t do that well at the box office, and Lloyd told me something that I think sets this film about from the Redacteds, the Renditions and In the Valley of Elahs of the world: Greengrass is bringing the sensibility of the Bourne films to this movie. This film will be a thriller, an exciting movie as well as the kind of cinematic journalism that Greengrass did so well with United 93 and Bloody Sunday.

The first official picture of Damon from the film (behind the scenes, of course, as I don’t think Greengrass has a cameo) has appeared at Empire. Head over there (click the picture above) to see the whole thing. The movie is scheduled to open some time next year; I’m hoping to have the opportunity to talk with Greengrass before then.