On the 6th of every month, leading up to the release of the movie on March 6th, 2009*, Warner Bros is releasing another chapter in the Watchmen video journals. We had our turn last month, with a stunt guy getting set on fire, and this month the honor goes to UGO, who hosts a video where Dave Gibbons, artist of the original Watchmen comic, talks about how amazed he is to see his work brought to life in such detail and with such faithfulness.

He ain’t kidding. In the video you see a shot of Under the Hood, the autobiography of Hollis Mason, the first Nite Owl. What you don’t see is that the book has a complete and real author’s bio and summary on the back, written as it would be on the book if it were really published. It’s quite likely that no one will ever actually see that (or the stories in the newspaper clippings, also written as real), but Snyder and his production team went for that level of veracity, which is a big part of what gives me massive faith in this production.

Watch the video journal by clicking here, and get ready for the trailer for Watchmen in front of The Dark Knight. I expect that the internet will be alive with discussion about it on July 18th and beyond – I’m incredibly excited to see it for myself.

*And yes, it’s March 6th. Warner Bros is not moving it to the summer – don’t believe every rumor out there!