OK Magazine recently shot the breeze with Sigourney Weaver and the subject of Weaver possibly returning to her landmark role as Ripley was brought up, and believe it or not Weaver says she’s actually open to the idea:

“I would definitely do another if I had a director like Ridley Scott and we had a good idea,” she said of the classic sci-fi movie franchise. “Ridley is enthusiastic about it.”

There’s been a ton of speculation of another Alien installment since Alien Resurrection graced (or should I say disgraced?) the silver screen 11 years ago. One of the possible scenarios since that time is taking a journey to the alien planet, an idea conceived by Scott himself.

That’s an interesting concept, but considering the way Alien Resurrection ended, I’d much rather see some resolution to Ripley’s saga. She’s been away from Earth for so long, I’d like to see some closure for her. Let’s face it, people, this character has been through an odyssey of gargantuan proportions; she goes off as a young warrant officer on a mining job, then sees her whole crew wiped out by one of the alien baddies; next, just when you think she’s in the clear she ends up in cryostasis for 57 years and returns to Earth, finding out her only daughter has croaked of old age; then, to add even more insult to injury, she gets a second chance at a family with Cpl. Hicks (played by the completely underrated Michael Biehn) and the only survivor of an alien attack on LV- 426, Newt, only to wake up at the beginning of Alien 3 to find her new surrogate family dead from crashing into the frickin’ ocean on Fiorina 161, a male prison camp; of course, another showdown with the aliens proves fatal in the third chapter; she’s then cloned back to life by the USM (United Systems Military) which have taken over Weyland-Yutani’s business and after yet another battle, and having an unusually amoral view on things via the alien and human genetic crossing, Ripley makes it back to Earth.  Man, I’m pooped after that, so imagine how Ripley feels.

Come on, Fox, you can’t leave us hanging like this!

If Fox wants to go to the alien planet I say wait to do that with a brand new batch of characters after we’ve wrapped up Ripley’s epic journey. I’d much rather see a conclusion for Ripley than another lame-ass AVP flick!