Title Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Hancock $66,000,000 $16,645 $107,321,000
2 Wall-E $33,417,000 (-47.0%) $8,370 $128,132,000
3 Wanted $20,607,000 (-59.5%) $6,470 $90,775,000
4 Get Smart $11,125,000 (-45.0%) $3,112 $98,115,000
5 Kung Fu Panda $7,500,000 (-35.9%) $2,240 $193,395,000
6 The Incredible Hulk $4,975,000 (-48.1%) $1,634 $124,917,000
7 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull $3,940,000 (-23.9%) $1,797 $306,590,000
8 Kit Kittredge: An American Girl $3,601,000 (+3,264.8%) $1,953 $6,128,000
9 Sex and the City $2,340,000 (-38.6%) $1,835 $144,864,000
10 You Don’t Mess with the Zohan $2,000,000 (-37.0%) $1,155  $94,780,000

 This Just In: … And as Sally Ride concluded Quote. If loving prostitutes is wrong, I don’t want to be Wright. End quote.

America loves Will Smith. He’s one of the movie stars left in this world of ours, and they’ll take him in a 92 minute movie that was shredded by the testing process and  was born of a script that mutated so much that it went from Chimp-pan-A to Chimpanzee. Doesn’t matter, it’s Fourth of July, and Pavlov’s dog is salivating. Critics found the film to be not on the good side of things, so it’s quite possible that word of mouth might start to kick in shortly. Like…. Now? How about now? Maybe next weekend. Even so, it would be difficult to think te film won’t get to at least (at least) at least (AT LEAST) at least (at… least?) at least $200 Million. At least.

At least.

Wall-E is Pixar’s latest pretty awesome kids film. It jumped that nine digit hurdle on Friday, but it’s more a long distance runner than a sprinter. That said, The system doesn’t work for super-awesome legs any more (though it does figure for super-awesome ancillary sales), so where does it end up? It could conceivably make its way to the top three of the summer, if it can clear $300. And that’s not out of the question, it’s just less likely if it doesn’t level next weekend. Since Meet Dave should offer no competition (or Quarter) the question is: Will Space Chimps? And how well can Hellboy II really do – is it good counter-programming, or will it fall through the cracks of too much summer pressure? All I know is this: I would like to have sex with Laura Ramsey. And as a certain poet said, that is all you know, and all you need to know. And if you don’t know, now you know, _____.

Wanted, Wanted (dead or alive) spun me right round, baby right round (like a record baby) as the olestra of the Matrix franchise. None of the calories, but watch out for the loose stools (tight pushy, and a warm place to sit). It dropped nearly 60% and should clear $120 or so. And that’s… good? I think they were hoping for franchises, but the front load means that DVD sales better be tip-top for this to be Kris-Krossed into a number deus. (Gordon Jump, Jump)

Get Smart won the comedy war of June 20th. The Love Guru is out of the top ten (it went from 6th to 11th), while Get Smart is about to cross into one hundred. How much more does it have? My guess is not that much, and so $120-$130 is the top out. But Kung Fu Panda will get its $200 and then some more, probably closer to $220. Not so bad, Dreamworks, you really turned the beat around on your PDI pics, which erred toward the poopy. Hulk, the Ang Lee film, made $137. The Incredible Hulk is at $125. I hope it beats the first film by a dollar. Ancillaries also tell the tale of this film. If Indy doesn’t bleed screens like a faucet next week, it’s on track to become the #1 film of the summer. This reminds me of 2005 when Revenge of the Sith was the #1 film of that summer. Someone had a saying about the taste of the American public, but me, I’d rather quote Shelia E: “Do you think I’ma nasty Girl?” Yes, America, I do, I think you need a spanking. And I know who should give it to you (hint: it’s Jimmy “Dyn-o-mite” Walker)

I look at Kit Kitridge and I think of a cast on a hand, a van, a man saying “was she a big fat person?” Well, oh yeah, all right, take it easy baby, make it last all night (all night). But maybe that’s just me. the per screen on the limited release was good, but the stagger did no favors. Unless it finds a new audience, it looks like a capital misfire. Capital, I say (near Art Mooney).

Sex will try to limp to $150, Zohan’s on the $100 crawl. Bet it gets there, bet they both do. I’m hopeful. Hopeful for how kick ass America is, which is what this weekend was all about.

It was Nick’s birthday this week, so I think we should all chip in to get him these (which Litmus Configuration had a hand in making):