If you read my previous blog, you’ll know I was assigned to create a video self-portrait for my Directing the Narrative class. The blog described my thought process, as well as our actual schedule for shooting. You could get an idea of the set and what we were doing by the pictures, but now I have the finished product!

I haven’t found an effective way to host a true HD file yet, and it’s been pretty fucking frustrating. I tried YouTube first (naturally), but these days they analyze your film’s audio and identifies any songs or licensed music it can find. If it does discover something, it mutes the audio. Fucking weak.

Vimeo is a decent video host, but the file is a 100mbs too big for me to upload without buying a pro account (fuck that). So I’ve included a Vimeo encode below, but just note that it’s not the best quality (I wouldn’t full screen it).

Facebook has given me the best results, with the highest quality encoding from my original SD file. I’ll include a link to that too, for anyone that could actually use it.

Facebook link:

If you have any suggestions or critiques, drop in the thread and let me know!

Self-Portrait: Renn Brown from Renn Brown on Vimeo.

Thanks for reading!

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