STUDIO: 20th Century Fox
MSRP: $11.49
RATED: Unrated
RUNNING TIME: 86 minutes

The Pitch

Bear vs. Humans.  Guess who wins.

The Humans

Tyler Hoechlin, Graham Kosakoski, Brody Harms, Kate Todd

The Nutshell

Four teenagers go offroading in a restricted area and inadvertently run over and kill a bear cub.  They must then contend with the Mama Bear who’s determined to seek bloody revenge.


…the bear, rife with rage, uses it opposable thumbs and GRABS the poor slob…

The Lowdown

This movie is bad.  Laughably bad.  The writing is a joke, the characters are about as interesting as tax code, and the direction is amateurish at best.  This is a low budget film and a movie – especially a horror movie – shouldn’t necessarily be penalized for that if it has something to bring to the table: an interesting premise, engaging characters, clever writing, impressive gore, something.  But Grizzly Rage is one 86-minute exercise in how to waste film.   It’s utterly bereft of tension, scares, or even humor. 

It finally took Smokey gutting some of those fucking kids before they’d start listening to his forest fires message…

First of all, there isn’t a frame of film in the entire movie where the actors and the bear share a shot.  Essentially they’re under attack by B-roll and a guy in a bear suit shot just enough to not reveal it.  The bear attacks on the kids consist of bad editing and blood splashed across the camera.  I was almost thinking this was a bad student film.  It’s soul sucking.  I couldn’t even muster the interest level to root for the bear.  And the ending is so god awfully bad that it’s the cherry on top of a shit cake.  I honestly have nothing more to say on the subject.  For the love of God, don’t even bother to satisfy your curiosity by renting this hemorrhoid.  I’m warning you for your own good.

Apparently this counts as gore…

The Package

No special features. 

1 out of 10