Hey, are you sick of me writing about The Wackness and The Dark Knight and Hellboy II all the time? Good news! I’m about to start writing about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince all the time! Yes, it’s the season when the Warner Bros publicity machine kicks into gear and begins promoting the next Harry Potter movie. Fans of the books will be especially excited, as this one’s a fucking doozy and features some of the most exciting and heart-breaking moments of the whole series.

Warner Bros has started things out with some images, none of which are terribly exciting. They do reinforce the idea that the kid who plays Draco Malfoy just doesn’t have the same luck as Dan Radcliffe or Emma Watson – he’s not grown up to be the handsomest boy on set. And we do get what I believe is our first look at Jim Broadbent as Professor Slugworth, the new Potions teacher who takes over when Snape finally gets his chance at Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Hopefully we’ll see more soon – including a trailer – but let these images whet your appetite.

A scene from Harry Potter and the Quest For a Bottle of Selsun Blue

Director David Yates describes Dan Radcliffe’s naked Equus photos.

“Let me sit a while on my Steps of Foreshadowing.”