The ads for Hellboy II: The Golden Army are amazing. Sure, Universal has your standard spots with action beats from the movie, but they also have these wonderful clips that eschew all of that (we brought you Hellboy on Inside the Actor’s Studio the other day). The latest bunch have Hellboy meeting Chuck from the show of the same name, and now my brother has sent me this one, where Hellboy meets up with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) founders Jay and Grant from Sci Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters.
I especially love this because Ghost Hunters is like a weekly ritual for me, one of the only TV shows I TiVo and watch religiously. In fact, I watch all five hours of the show that Sci Fi broadcasts each Wednesday night. I fucking love these guys and their endearing attempts to bust ghosts.

Here’s hoping that this campaign doesn’t end here – how amazing would it be to see Hellboy appear on Leno or Letterman? Or being interviewed by yours truly on camera (that’s a hint, kids)?