I’m pretty sure the fact that the trailer for the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still ended up on YouTube wasn’t exactly an accident. Fox is fairly quick about protecting their intellectual property, and this sucker has been up a couple of hours – I think this is a controlled, buzz building leak.

My thoughts: first half of the trailer is interesting, but all of the Independence Day imagery leaves me cold. I know you can’t make a big budget scifi movie without blowing everything up these days, but I wish someone would make an effort to avoid this nonsense (although who knows, those destruction shots could be dream sequences or something). And that flash of Gort at the end is cool, and goes against what I’ve been hearing, which is that he’s a dog in the movie.

Is that music Clint Mansell? I know that Tyler Bates is scoring the movie, but this sounds very Mansell-ian (if someone emails and tells me it’s a Fountain cue I’m just erasing this and pretending like I knew all along.). I think the music is my favorite part of the trailer.