Empire has scored the first image of John C. Reilly in his vampire get-up from the movie Cirque Du Freak. I visited the set of that film a month or so back and interviewed Reilly in his vampire togs, complete with orange hair, scars and long fingernails. At one point he showed off his vampire fighting moves and it was like seeing Chest Rockwell demonstrating karate around Jack Horner’s pool. The best part: I couldn’t tell if Reilly was trying to be funny.

Based on the first three books in a young adult series, Cirque Du Freak follows young Darren Shan as he encounters the titular freak show, which incorporates some pretty extreme weirdos. Among them is Reilly’s Crepsley, who takes young Shan under his wing as a half-vampire sidekick. From what I saw this film could be pretty weird and edgy – definitely not your average kiddie movie.