Sometimes the Witness Protection Program doesn’t cut it. Hiding out in a suburban development outside of Des Moines isn’t enough to avoid the goons looking to pay you back for your ratfink snitching. Sometimes you have to be sent through time to really stay away from the bad guys. That’s the big concept premise of Hiding In Time, a comic book that sounds like it was created specifically to get optioned.

And optioned it has been! The movie version, written by the guy responsible for the Max Payne movie, Beau Thorne (if that’s not a fake name he should give his parents a bonus), sees the temporal Witness Protection Program’s security compromised and a scientist must travel back to the great moments in history that Thorne remembers from high school along with a master thief in order to save protected witnesses from the thief’s old crew. Then they all go to a water park.

Dan Lin, who is producing what feels like 90% of the shit I will be writing about in coming months – Justice League, This Side of the Truth, The Box, Terminator Salvation – is the big man behind this all. There’s no director or stars yet, but I hear Alex Winter is available.