Mark and Michael Polish started off on the odd side of cinema with movies like Twin Falls Idaho and Northfork. But since 2006’s The Astronaut Farmer, they’ve moved decidedly towards the heartland. Their follow-up to Farmer is Manure, a Billy Bob Thornton flick about manure salesmen in 1960s middle America.

And while the brothers have talked up their sci-fi project I.D. for a couple of years, their move after Manure will be towards a comedy with the power to warm your heart like chili left in the back yard for a couple of days. Just like learning to walk; it’s all baby steps.

Stay Cool will feature Mark Polish as an author returning home to give the commencement address at his old high school. [per THR] Winona Ryder is his old flame, Josh Holloway is her boyfriend, Hilary Duff is the sexy young thing that wants to make Polish a man under the bleachers, and Chevy Chase is the principal. There’s still room for an honest to gosh orangutan in that cast; I’d say the high school mascot is looking orange.

Sean Astin, finally bringing those star dreams born in the Lord of the Rings days to fruition, will also appear as a character called ‘Big Girl’, but the trades are (kindly) not trumpeting that particular aspect just yet. Got to leave something for the audience to discover.