After pulling the plug on the original April release date, Lionsgate has finally announced that Repo! The Genetic Opera will hit theaters November 7, 2008, according to Fangoria.

The exact number of screens the film will initially play on is still unknown but Lionsgate doesn’t seem to be exuding too much confidence in the Paris Hilton horror-musical. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lionsgate plays down the fact that the film is a musical. After all, Repo! The Genetic Opera sounds like it is somewhat original and an ambitious attempt to give audiences something fresh so I’m sure Lionsgate will want to cover up the unique aspects while marketing the film in an attempt to get as many people to see it as possible. Repo! doesn’t even have Johnny Depp so I’m sure Lionsgate is pissing themselves at the thought of just how the hell they are going to approach the film’s release. It does, however, have Rupert Giles, which means I am totally there. It should be interesting to see how the film turns out because Darren Lynn Bousman is a talented director who seemed to be burned out while making Saw IV– and the finished film was proof. On the the other hand, Repo! The Genetic Opera seemed to be Bousman’s passion project from the time it had been announced. Hopefully, audiences will get a clear look at the difference between passionate filmmaking and, well, whatever you call Saw IV when Repo! The Genetic Opera opens this November.