It was well over a year ago that director William Malone (Scared to Death, House on Haunted Hill) premiered the first bit of footage from Parasomnia (which now appears to be retitled Parasomnia: Dreams of the Sleepwalker) at Fango’s Weekend of Horrors. Despite what seemed like a positive response from the audience it appears it wasn’t positive enough, as it seems a distributor still hasn’t stepped forward to scoop up what like like a cool little film.

Starring Dylan Purcell, Cherilyn Wilson, Patrick Kilpatrick, Jeffrey Combs and Sean Young (with a cameo by director John Landis as the department store manager) Parasomnia: Dreams of the Sleepwalker tells the story of  a young lady (Cherilyn Wilson) suffering from the effects of childhood accident. She’s literally sleeping her life away, only to be awakened inexplicably on rare occasions. Art student Danny Sloan (Dylan Purcell) falls in love with her, unaware that her hospital neighbor, a sadistic serial killer and mesmerist named Byron Volpe (Patrick Kilpatrick) has other, more sinister plans. Sloan helps Laura escape her stupor and gets her groggy ass out of her hospital prison only to discover that Volpe is about to enter her dreams.

Kind of sounds like Sleepy Beauty meets A Nightmare on Elm St., methinks. Is that good? Bad? I don’t know, but the trailer makes the movie look like it has some potential, and you know the visuals, at the very least, will kick ass with Malone calling the shots.

Thanks to the dudes over at Arrow in the Head you can check out the brand new trailer for the movie below. And click it here to head on over to Parasomnia‘s official site.