THEM! may or may not have been the first “Monster Movie” I ever saw. It was certainly one of the first. In color-snubbing black & white even! As was the first Godzilla! And I watched them having to trudge uphill both ways to the living room! The horror! In all those movies, the creatures were inevitably the product of nuclear testing, along with the occasional alien. I always wanted the Good Guys* to use this wonderful mutation generation technology to create their own giant creature to “fight fiery nuclear mutated monster with fiery nuclear mutated monster” as they say. But they never did. Possibly because of events similar to those pictured here. And then I read On The Beach, and my love affair with The Bomb came to a rather abrupt end. Stoopid radioactive cloud.

*Doctors, scientists, pretty lab technicians and such, not the commonly-possessed-and-no-doubt-in-the-midst-of-a-massive-class-action-lawsuit children’s dolls.