Aw, man. We’ve learned today that Lord Richard Attenborough has died at the age of ninety. According to this article from the BBC, Attenborough had been in a nursing home for “a number of years”, and had been wheelchair bound for the past six.

We’re going to see a lot of “Welcome to Jurassic Park” tributes in the next few days, but let us take time to remember that Richard Attenborough was a hell of a lot more than just Mr. DNA’s best co-star in Jurassic Park. He also performed (admirably) in such films as The Great EscapeThe Flight of the Phoenix, and 1998’s Elizabeth. Let us also remember that Attenborough directed a big handful of excellent films, including the creepy ventriloquism movie Magic, 1982’s Gandhi and 1992’s Chaplin.

Lord Attenborough was also the brother of naturalist David Attenborough, whose voice you’ll instantly recognize from countless British nature documentaries.

The Attenborough family will make a full statement tomorrow, and we at CHUD will have them in our thoughts. Goodbye, Richard.