The viral marketing campaign for HBO’s new vampire series is in full swing as the official website for TruBlood beverages is online. The TruBlood beverage is a synthetic blood drink aimed at vampires that was developed by the Japanese as a low-carb alternative to human blood.

The site is the latest component of the viral marketing campaign for True Blood, a new series from Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball. Over the last few weeks, has chronicled the sudden emergence of vampires as they make themselves known to the world. It seems that vampires are more comfortable announcing their presence when they can get their blood from a bottle rather than a mother of three.


Blood Copy also features news stories and video highlights of the government’s reaction to what is being called the “Great Revelation.”

As for the show itself, True Blood stars Anna Paquin as a young woman who falls in love with a vampire, played by Stephen Moyer, in a small Louisiana town. The series is the latest from Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball and is set to premiere this September on HBO. While the show seems to have an interesting premise, the various vampire personalities that are being introduced through the viral campaign are about as convincing as a renaissance festival actor only less entertaining. That is to say, they’re not entertaining at all and are an embarrassment to the profession of acting.

Hopefully, Alan Ball has more luck with his return to HBO after a hit series than David Milch did when he ditched Deadwood for the misunderstood John from Cincinnati.