Yahoo is finally running the high definition trailer for Vin Diesel’s upcoming Babylon A.D. and it plays squarely to the Midwest S.U.V. belt. “Save the planet? What for?” And in theatres with parking lots packed with oversize vehicles the cry goes up loud and clear: “Fuck yeah!”

From what I can tell, this movie depicts a dystopian future in which basic communication has been replaced by punches and explosions. The fight between Diesel and the red-headed guy seen here is actually the film’s version of a scene from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The fisticuffs as dialogue evolved because, in this future, single spoken lines are simply too powerful for most people to handle. Witness Vin’s cry of “What is wrong with her?!?” at 1:24.

Babylon A.D. hits you in the face on August 29th. The trailer told me so.