Over at Dario Argento’s Italian homepage, there’s a poster displayed for Giallo, his homage to himself starring Adrien Brody. The poster hurts me more than anything that’s likely to be in the movie. Somewhere between a Tiger Beat centerfold and the promo imagery for Glitter, this is bad news, my friends. Though there is one possible upshot — this might be Argento’s best chance to have the Lifetime network buy in for distribution. 

(Peter at /Film points out that there’s another poster available on the film’s Wikipedia page. It is much better, but perhaps not so official.)

Slightly better is the set of stills also available on the Argento homepage, like the first one you see below. That’s the interview technique Paul Fisher tried to teach me at one of my first junkets. I rejected it as too soft then, and I stand by my opinion now. But I’m especially fond of the last shot I’ve clipped here. Nice to see Sheryl Lee getting work.