Bloody Disgusting received word from an anonymous and reliable scooper yesterday regarding a third installment in the Wrong Turn franchise over at Fox Home Entertainment. Supposedly, Fox has already lined up a director and started casting on a third chapter of cannibalistic carnage; Declan O’Brien, best known for such Sci-Fi Channel classics as Cyclops and Rock Monster (oh shit!), has been chosen to take the helm. No word on possible victims or inbred mutants has been mentioned, though.

Rob Schmidt directed the maiden voyage, which was a theatrical feature, while Joe Lynch directed the superior sequel, which – as John Landis put it – was a great movie saddled with a lousy title and shitty direct-to-DVD release: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End.

I agree whole heartedly with Landis’ assessment of the sequel; it was heads and tails above the original and should have been the one in theaters, not the first one. Somehow, I have a feeling I won’t be saying the same thing about the third installment if director Joe Lynch isn’t returning.