I think I’m completely running out of faith in Quentin Tarantino as a filmmaker if the rumors swirling about the brilliantly chinned [and often brilliant] director is seriously considering doing his version of Russ Meyers’ Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, especially if the news that Tera Patrick will be playing Tura Satana’s role is true.

Tarantino has exhausted every iota of idol worship from his creative person you’d think. I find Grindhouse utterly unwatchable now, and find everything he’s done since Jackie Brown to be overcooked and somewhat off message. What makes Tarantino so great is his ability to channel the films and creators who inspired him into something wholly his own. The last 3+ films have felt more like a guy having fun with his clout than a fiercely creative person stretching himself to his limits knowing that there may not be a tomorrow in this business. Never has there been a filmmaker in need of someone to slap his wrist now and then and remind him of the trajectory he began with Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown.

I say this knowing full and well that I’ll never be 1/20th the filmmaker he is.

I have no idea where this story originated, as I’ve seen it blasted all over the web in blogs, gossip rags, and some legitimate news sources (Google Result). It may be tripe. It have have grounding in reality. It may be another attempt by Hollywood and the man to bring brilliant, discerning websites down…

Either way, feast on the news and realize that giant tits are WAY overrated.