You may recall this post in which I was ebullient about the announcement of Blackmagic’s URSA: a 4K cinema camera that costs only six grand. I immediately wanted to see test footage, and now (finally) this:

Holy shit, does that look good.

The cinematographer we have to thank for that is John Brawley, who has done a ton of TV work, but also shot Lake Mungo (among many others).

If any of you are interested in the technical stuff, here’s the rundown:

Lens: Cooke 25-250 MK3 T 3.7
FPS: 60
Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
Codec: ProRes HQ

Brawley also adds that he added a Neutral Density filter once the sun came up, and he graded the footage in Resolve. Hot damn. It’s not film, but it’s still gorgeous (in a different way). Thanks to No Film School for pointing me in this direction.