Why does Jonathan Levine, director of Devin Faraci’s favorite movie of 2008 (aka, The Wackness) look so stoked in this picture? According to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s probably because people want him to keep making movies.

The trade says Levine will write and direct Positive, a romantic thriller set on Martha’s Vineyard for Wackness producer Occupant Films. Specifically, Positive centers on a twenty-something who visits his fiancee’s family only to be seduced by her sister.

Over at Sony, he’ll be writing Echelon Vendetta, an espionage thriller based on the novel by David Stone. Vendetta centers on a “cleaner,” a CIA operative in charge of keeping dirty laundry from being aired in public, who after the death of a friend begins to investigate the deaths of several agents.

I’m sure Faraci has a lot to say about this, but why should he get all The Wackness news breaks just because he’s actually seen the film? Oh that’s right, he’s the Tastemaker. There’s got to be a dirty joke in there somewhere, but Devin’s been known to punch people, and I’m a fragile little flower.