Jesus crept.

This is the “big budget” version of the dogshit Kirk Cameron (who is dogshit) movie based on the popular dogshit Left Behind books written by those guys for those gullible people who think the AntiChrist is actually coming and this is prescient material. Since we have The Leftovers happening to us on television it seems the world is primed for this kind of stuff. I am ashamed how many people I’ve come into contact with have compared Obama to the AntiChrist or as some other catalyst for the end of the world, but not as ashamed the Academy has to be at seeing their institution named as Nicolas Cage’s name prances upon this teaser.

There’s obvious a market for this. Unfortunately this high profile movie looks like it was shot in 1997. As a result I expect a portion of our less adventurous movie fans to make this their “bad” movie to glean to. Lea Thompson’s in it, which means it may HAVE been shot in 1997.