Last week, Collider’s Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub was at the Saturn Awards where he got about a metric ton of video interviews with folks attending. Among the scoops he snagged was the info that the producers of 300 were interested in doing a prequel or sequel, and that Frank Miller and Zack Snyder were playing around with ideas. I don’t know if we ran the story here – if we didn’t it wasn’t because it wasn’t newsworthy, it was simply because we got a touch swamped at times.

Variety certainly thought the story was newsworthy enough – so newsworthy that they completely stole it and didn’t give any credit to Steve at Collider. They ran a piece about it yesterday, yielding essentially no new information, and the closest they come to giving any credit is the following:

Another “300” has been rumored from the start, but last week Snyder and
the original producing team stoked a frenzy online when they talked
about it at the Saturn Awards.

I’ve called Diane Garrett, the reporter who wrote the piece, to see why Collider isn’t credited – in her defense, her editors may have removed a credit – but she wasn’t at her desk. I’ll call back throughout the day to try and find out why Variety thinks it’s okay to simply steal the work of others.