Embargoes are a bitch.

See, I know what role Helena Bonham Carter is in talks for in Terminator Salvation because when I was on the film’s New Mexico set a couple of weeks back, I found out what small but incredibly crucial female role still need to be cast, and which actress the production was looking at (they even had her painted into the concept images!). But part of the visit included signing an embargo agreement, so I can’t share any of these details with you when reporting on Bonham Carter’s circling of the part.

I will say that I like the other actress much, much better for the role, but that I’m interested in seeing what Bonham Carter does with the role, which is quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen her play.

Shooting on Terminator Salvation continues in hot, hot New Mexico. I look forward to telling you guys what I saw, and I definitely look forward to what they show at Comic Con this year – I can’t speak for the movie as a whole, but I think McG has got some excellent practical action scenes that will blow away Hall H.