Well the name’s still dumb, but…

The trailer for Quantum of Solace has arrived and it looks to continue Casino Royale‘s strong kickstarting of James Bond as a leaner and meaner brand with Daniel Craig’s sinewy and ugly/handsome avatar delivering more in the way of menace and less of the pomp and oversexed cheese that preceded [aside from the still great Dalton films and early Connery].

Marc Forster’s an interesting and bald choice to take the mantle from Martin Campbell, because despite the studio and majority of audience’s beliefs, the stuff BETWEEN the action is what makes Casino Royale a classic and by going to a director known for content it allows them to play to their strengths and allow the crackerjack second and third unit folks to deliver trailer moments.

Here’s hoping the film’s as solid as this trailer so it can pave the way for Paradigm of Contusions, Vapor Lock of Aptitude, Sinisters of Mysteriouses, and Barbecue of Glad Tidings before someone named after a vegetable makes a dumb decision.

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