You probably already know. You’ve all got that one geek friend that ran up to you (or emailed you repeatedly) on Saturday, screaming incoherantly until you slapped him around a bit and got the news out of him as he wept tears of joy. “Diablo III is coming!” he cried, “Diablo III is coming.”

It’s looking fantastic, as well. Course, the not-so-big news is that it will be very similar to Diablo II. When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, amirite? Just ask those friends of yours who are still playing that damn 8-year old game, and probably will keep at it until this one’s released.

The game will of course feature a huge graphical uplift (and uses the Havok enginge, meaning the environment will blow up real nice), as you can see on the videos from the official site. The better one is linked below- 19 minutes of gameplay footage that enables you plenty of time to get those socks crusty.

Most of the footage is clearly aimed at the hardcore Diablo addict, detailing new moves, skills and features, but then again, they probably don’t need convincing. But the rest of you should definitely give the series a shot. It’s incredibly addictive, and this one looks like it’s taken some key complaints with the series and fixed it, making it a smoother experience with a combat system that’s looking incredibly fun.

Another thing you’ll notice is how epic the music feels. It’s just been recorded by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra, no stranger to video games, as they’ve worked on everything from the PS2 cult classic Odin Sphere to the upcoming Soul Calibur IV.

They’ve also stated that there will be much more of an emphasis on multiplayer this time, with co-op and team based play. There’s no release date set for this one yet, so it might be quite a while before we get a chance to lay our hands on it. But get those PCs and Macs revved up… you’re going to want to get this one.

Check the official site for more info, and a FAQ that seems to show off the fact that Blizzard’s most-asked question is currently “WHEN? WHEN?”