Okay, chewers, have a seat because this dump is BIG! First up, Edgar Wright’s got ANOTHER new movie on his schedule: an adaptation of a YA novel called Grasshopper Jungle. Deadline broke the news last night that Wright will direct from a screenplay by Scott Rosenberg, who is also producing alongside Matt Tolmach and (of course) Nira Park.

The buzz-phrase “Stand By Me meets Attack the Block” is being thrown around to give people an idea of the film’s tone, but it sounds much weirder: a group of teen boys accidentally unleash an apocalypse-size army of six-foot mantis monsters that do nothing but eat, fight, and reproduce. The parallel to the desires of horny teens is duly noted.

Wright will be working on Grasshopper Jungle over at Sony after he completes Baby Driver. His Night Stalker adaptation is still in development.

Next, Scream Factory has announced ten upcoming Blu-Ray titles at Comic Con:

  • The Dark Half
  • Monkey Shines
  • Candyman 2
  • Scarecrows
  • Invaders from Mars
  • New Year’s Evil
  • Phantom of the Opera (the Robert Englund one)
  • Dolls (Collector’s Edition)
  • Mad Max (Collector’s Edition) [!!]
  • Escape from New York (Collector’s Edition) [!!!!]

These guys have really hit their stride, and it looks like their 2015 will be just as impressive as their 2014.  I can’t fucking wait for some of these, but I really hope they get their rights issues sorted out with Dog Soldiers.

Last up, we have two trailers that make a great pair– Horns and Tusk!

What I like about both of these trailers is that they give a good sense of tone. The Horns trailer is edited a bit awkwardly (“…beat the HECK out of each other…”) but I generally like what I’m seeing. The same goes for Tusk, but the walrus roars in the music are a bit much. Also, the Tusk trailer’s missing a major character: the Canadian cop who’s been rumored to be played by a Hollywood A-lister. What I’m liking the most about Tusk, though, is Justin Long. His teary, fearful pleading is genuinely disturbing.

Tusk arrives in US theaters on September 19, and Horns will poke us on Halloween.