I don’t know what to expect of Lexi Alexander’s Punisher: War Zone. I don’t know if I should be rejoiced that a star-free [sorry Mr. Dominik West] Punisher flick directed by a woman is coming or baffled by its very existence. I have no doubts that the director of the pretty solid Green Street Hooligans is capable of delivering the vicious bodily harm the character is known for but I felt the same way about Jonathan Hensleigh and that was a mistake. I don’t know enough about Lexi [nor her midnight runners] to know if she’ll take this to vicious town or is just delivering exposed footage that Lionsgate can milk into a few more dollars before the “franchise” is exhausted.

The first film made its budget back but was not very well received and showcased the limitations of the character as a film presence. How many times do we need to see revenge personified after all? Do we need Frank Castle to take over the spot vacated by Paul Kersey and Harry Callaghan? Is it even possible?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough but Punisher: War Zone is at least pushing the right buttons (aside from having “War Zone” come first in the logo and making it look like the film is called War Zone Punisher) by making the brand new teaser posters extremely evocative of the work of Tim Bradstreet [the man who’s done more stunning covers for the character than anyone]. IGN has the exclusive images

Click on the solemn Punisher face or here to see the images in all their IGN branded glory.

By the way, I want to extend a fond farewell to the lovely and legendary Steve Horn, whose tenure at IGN was a beacon of all that is good in the world. A great guy, and someone I’ll miss interacting with on a somewhat regular basis.