Untested director Anthony Leonardi is in final negotiations to direct the latest Butterfly Effect film for After Dark Films, according to Bloody Disgusting.

The Butterfly Effect 3, currently being dubbed as The Butterfly Effect: Revelations, will mark the series’ return to theaters after the award-nominated DVD* for The Butterfly Effect 2 proved people will watch anything.

Stoltz and AShton
You told me if I grew the beard people would respect me as an actor!

Frankly, while I think releasing the film in theaters as part of the After Dark Horrorfest is admirable, recent advancements in the DVD rental business have given films of this quality the perfect distribution method making theatrical exhibition a waste of time. Sure, the film might rake in a couple dollars during its brief theatrical run but people are going to be lining up for this baby at those DVD vending machines they have at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s. This thing is real vending machine material.

Vending machines have always given us the finest snack foods, world class coffee and sandwiches, the safest and best tasting prophylactics, and now, the best in cinema.

So just what is the deal with The Butterfly Effect 3? Well, if you have paid attention to the way direct-to-video sequels work, you would know that the first sequel strays from the original and the third movie returns the series to its roots.

Leonardi may have some extra time to finish the film as well. According to Shock Till You Drop, this year’s After Dark Horrorfest might slip from the traditional fall release to January 2009. Last year’s lineup failed to crack the million dollar mark leaving the suits scrambling for a solution. Moving the horror-themed film festival from fall to January might sound good in theory but I don’t think it matters what month you release Dark Ride. It still sucks.

*2007 Saturn Award nominee