STUDIO: Sony Pictures
MSRP: $39.98
RATED: Not Rated
    Life in the Press Box
    Sports Quiz
    P.J.’s Rules for Sports and Dating
    No Crying in Baseball: Bloopers
    Riding the Pine: Deleted Scenes

The Pitch

P.J.Franklin is a sportswriter that is trying to make her way in the Windy City. Will she find love or settle for the companionship of her male friends?

The Humans

Jordana Spiro, Jim Gaffigan, Johnny Galecki, Kellee Stewart, Kyle Howard, Reid Scott and Jamie Kaler

One day I do hope to morph into Jimmy Fallon. Thank for you asking.

The Nutshell

My Boys made its debut on TBS last year. It’s had a cult following working as an anti Sex and the City. A show for ladies that can appreciate having fun and not sipping cocktails. A show that slips out of fantasy and pals around with the all too common situation of the perpetual loser. But, that’s not to say that the show doesn’t fall into its fair share of traps.

Here, men. Cheese.

The Lowdown

Basing a show around a woman that’s a man’s girl can be limiting. Series creator Betsy Thomas wants men to relate to the lead actress in the worst way. Every time a new act starts, we’re thrust into yet another baseball analogy. Spiro rarely gets a scene where she’s not interviewing people at Wrigley Field or pseudo scratching her crotch. There are reprieves with co-star Kellee Stewart, but those are few and far between.

My Boys works as part of the new cable landscape. It pushes the traditional sitcom roles and offers a handful of bawdry jokes. But, it doesn’t do much past that. Nobody is threatening or really vulgar. Everybody laughs, loves and sighs at life’s many faults.

This is about as much sex as you’re going to see on TBS.

The first season doesn’t find its footing until the last seven episodes. Most of the format kinks are worked out and guest stars such as Johnny Galecki get to shine with the cast. I hope like hell that they bring Trouty back for the second season. Galecki uses the character to play very well off Spiro and Gaffigan. Hopefully, we’ll get more surprises like that to break up the quickly forming show cliches.

Just because it’s on TBS, doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. That doesn’t give it a pass for having some comedy doldrums, but it does state something. TBS has finally found a funny original program for the channel. If people don’t support, then we’re going to get more shit like House of Payne and The Bill Engvall Show. Friends don’t let friends watch shows that keep Tim Meadows in steady employment.

The Package

My Boys – The Complete First Season arrives on DVD with a packed release. The problem is that the supplemental material is basically promotional crap stuffed into the open spaces on the discs. You get looks at dating, a couple of minisodes and some other junk to create padding. They’re fun, but they don’t add onto the overall experience of the first season. You already sold us on the show, Sony. Give us something more substantial in terms of special features.

It’s just two fingers, Hal. Imagine the face you’re going to make when I slip my fist up there.

The A/V Quality is pretty strong. You get some noise in the city exteriors, but that’s to be expected for standard definition. Still, it sounds and looks greats. You’re not going to find reference material, but it’s still going to sing on any monitor. That’s a lot more than I can say for a lot of recent TV on DVD releases.

In the end, My Boys – The Complete First Season is a real treat. But, it’s a light treat that doesn’t offer up anything meaty. If you want a basic comedy that doesn’t push the buttons, you’re looking the right away. If you want something with more bite, then look elsewhere. This show is about as light-hearted as they come.

Never get involved in a land war in Southeast Asia and never fuck with a man’s Jenga.

7.9 out of 10