Now that’s more like it! After the dismal┬átrailer for Ouija and the (buried) announcement that Paranormal Activity 5 won’t be released for a second year in a row (joining Oren Peli’s Area 51 and Welcome To Yesterday as another low risk investment that’s being fussed over in post production) I needed some hope for the Fall and it looks like New Zealand is stepping up with Housebound.

I love the premise: a young woman under house arrest in her childhood home becomes convinced that the place is haunted. Perfect! Simple, to the point and cutting out a lot of the bullshit reasons people usually have for staying in a haunted house past the first overtly supernatural incident. Let’s just hope it’s better than Disturbia

This is the US trailer and it says the movie’s coming on on September 4th. I’m holding them to that. Here’s the poster, which you’ll sadly never see hanging in your local multiplex.

(Update: Thanks to Ant Timpson, the film’s Executive Producer, who got in touch and let me know that the release date in the US will be “mid Oct pre- Halloween.”)