The folks over at IMDB managed to get their paws on the first one-sheet for the upcoming Saw V, gang. While it’s not the best PhotoShop in the world, I have to admit I like the spirit of it, even if it is lurking toward Leatherface territory. Even though the quality of each Saw movie varies from picture to picture, one thing you can’t fault the folks over at Lionsgate for is bad marketing; they do know how to be creative with their campaigns for these puppies.

For the fifth chapter, Costas Mandylor returns as Hoffman, the heir apparent to the legacy of Jigsaw. Details are slim at this point; however, even if we did have a full synopsis I’m sure the filmmakers would throw in six or seven twists (logical or not) to keep us on our toes by the time we see the finished product.

David Hackl, production designer on Saw II, III and IV, is calling the shots on this one, with Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan returning to script. Julie Benz, Betsy Russel, Shawnee Smith, and of course, Tobin Bell will star.

Expect Saw V to hit theaters October 24/08, just in time for Halloween…as usual.