Thanks to Rue Morgue for this one. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a Turkish horror film. What’s the track record like? Anyone?

This trailer is so up my alley it isn’t even funny. There’s no attempt at a jump scare (spoiler, I guess), just a thudding score*, a lot of atmosphere and witches (?) giving funeral rites to a charred corpse. What else do you need to know? Maybe the synopsis? Okay.

When a journalist is forced to find new accommodations after the ugly end of his relationship, he ends up at a rundown old house with a room for rent. Hesitant to take lodging in the dilapidated home, he changes his mind when he meets the beautiful woman living next door.

I don’t see how that translates to anything we saw in the trailer, and that’s a good thing. Sadly, there’s no release date for the film anywhere other than Turkey, where it opens in two weeks (July 25th). Set your Google alerts for reviews…now.

Oh, and Muska means, “Amulet.”

*A far less aggressive version of Charles Berstein’s “Bath Attack” inĀ The Entity.