Quite a mouthful, eh?

The beta for downloadable remake is finally up and running, and people all around the world are currently duking it out.

If you’ve played Super Street Fighter II Turbo you know how this plays. That’s a credit to the developers. It feels like exactly the same game, just looking and sounding a whole helluva lot better. And it’s still fast. Full matches are usually over in a minute or two, if that.

The game will be available for both PS3 and Xbox 360, but only the 360 version currently has the 8-week long beta. The only way to get into it is to download Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, but honestly it might be better just to wait. Commando is a pretty average shooter, and it’s 10 bucks…

The beta has only two playable characters (Ken and Ryu) battling it out on one stage (Japan). It’s playable online, and the system is implemented very well, allowing two people to instantly find a match. There’s also tournaments, and unranked “Quarter Match” games that emulate a real arcade. You’ll pick your spot in line (I really wish you could literally put your quarter up on the system, but I guess kids will never know what it was like back in the day) and watch two people play till it’s your turn. Winner stays. It’s insanely easy to get into games and they are fun as hell, but there is some of that reported lag in the game. Nothing that’ll kill your experience, but hopefully this Beta will give them the information they need to kill it.

Included with the final game will be a new and controversial “Rebalanced mode” which will have all kinds of tweaks to the character’s moves and powers, along with a training mode and of course the option to play the original version of the game.

There’s really nothing else to say. This will be a must-buy for hardcore Street Fighter 2 fans.