Can you still believe that Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe actually exists? Still seems like a big joke, right? But some more screens have come out of Midway that show that they really are working on the game.

These have come out in anticipation of the San Diego Comic Con, where they will have a panel dedicated to the game and will have Ed Boon (co-creator of Mortal Kombat) and DC Comics collaborator Jimmy Palmiotti for questions. I’m sure they’ll all be of a very high quality. (Why is it that Comic Book Convention Q&A’s are inevitably the worst? Is it because the questioners really are the stereotypical socially inept retards?)

Regardless, they’re going to show off some new gameplay footage there and reveal some new characters. Along with that entrants will receive an exclusive MK VS. DC Comic-Con 2008 Poster. Really trying to pack them in, eh?

Still, this ridiculous idea for a game could definitely pay off for Midway. Let’s just hope it controls a little better than we’re used to the Mortal Kombat franchise controlling. Or DC, for that matter. Cause if the fighting plays well, this could just be crazy enough to work.

(May not be fatalities, but it looks like there will be broken bones. You’d think the Flash would be faster than Scorpion, right?)

Thanks to Don S. for the heads up!