Frosty over at Collider works his ass off to get scoop interviews, and while he didn’t exactly get entirely new material out of Zach and Debbie Snyder in front of the Saturn Awards, the two video interviews posted online start to confirm a few assumptions many people have held for a while with respect to Snyder’s adaptation of Watchmen.

First off, we can expect ‘a couple minutes’ of footage at Comic Con, and very likely Nite Owl’s ship as well. Both Snyders dance around whether we’ll see a teaser in front of The Dark Knight that week; unfortunately Frosty didn’t ask whether or not the Comic Con footage and (possible) teaser would be wholly or partially the same.

Finally, there are the bits that will get people slightly worried about this potentiall long, definitely R-rated movie:

“Yeah, there’s a battle for running time, and that’s just the reality of the marketplace and a three hour movie.”

“I fight them every day not to take out the hardcore stuff that makes it Watchmen.”

But Snyder sounds optimistic about the chances for his preferred cut have towards ending up on screen, and also that we’ll see a significant package on DVD. You’ll have to speculate whether that will include ‘new’ material to Watchmen proper until the actual theatrical cut is nailed down.

(And is that Fred Topel that butts in around 2:45 of the first clip? Shame…)