Wanted kicks serious ass. While Wall*E is playing to the kiddie crowd this weekend, Wanted is the movie that’s going to be thrilling everybody from 13 on up. It’s balls to the wall action, and at the center of all of that is James McAvoy… yeah, Mr. Tumnus and the dude from Atonement. McAvoy plays Wesley Gibson, a nobody who discovers that he’s actually the heir to incredible powers and who is destined to be an assassin in the services of Fate itself. McAvoy takes Wesley from a frustrated schmuck to a cool as shit killer, and you’re with him every step of the way.

Last weekend I sat down with McAvoy in Beverly Hills to do what is only my second attempt at video interviews. This isn’t the best you’ve ever seen, and it’s not quite as fun and polished as the Forgetting Sarah Marshall stuff, but we’re figuring it all out as we go – hopefully you’re enjoying the ride with us.

Look for more video from the Wanted junket in the days to come. The next time you see me on camera it will likely be me interviewing the cast of Hellboy II: The Golden Army.