When I actually bought things like records and overpriced import CD singles, there was always that moment of dread when time for the b-side came around. While on occasion you might find a lovely gem (originally a b-side: ‘How Soon Is Now?’), more often than not the flip was occupied by some dross or, worse, a remade/rerecorded classic. (I’m talking to you, David Bowie. ‘Panic in Detroit ’79’?*)

It pains me to be forced to think of Snatch as a memorable a-side, but that aside, the trailer for RocknRolla certainly makes it out to be the film version of ‘Fame ’90’. While Guy Ritchie’s new crime tale does feature a few tricks that are new to his repertoire, the basic construction looks like something built up from Snatch outtakes. Is this a Sin City/The Spirit deal, where a studio feels safe linking a new project to a proven workhorse? Or does Ritchie really have nothing left in the tank? I’ve seen the bloody awful Revolver, so I’m leaning towards the latter, but always happy to be proven wrong.

Empire has the trailer as an exclusive, so check it out there.

* Yes, I know that neither of those are technically b-sides, but why bother with facts in an article about Guy Ritchie?