Unlike the rest of the Internet, I’m a Bill Murray fan. I know this is a controversial opinion, but I think Ghostbusters is probably one of the best movies ever made. One day, the rest of the world is going to come around to my side of things.

In the meantime, this trailer for St. Vincent shouldn’t do much to change people’s minds. The writing is lazy from the first line forward. What bank teller (in the world, even)¬†would inform a customer that their account is overdrawn like that? By flatly telling them the amount of money that’s overdrawn with no additional context? Just cram the joke in there, Mr. Screenwriter, it’s fine.

Worse than that, this looks toothless and sappy. It’s a movie we’ve all seen a thousand times before, where the rough-around-the-edges character softens or dies or learns a lesson about family or who fucking cares? A film cannot live on Bill Murray alone.

And Annie Clark must be pissed.