The first full theatrical trailer for Eagle Eye, D.J. Caruso’s follow-up to Disturbia, looks big. Really, impressively big. Disturbia was a contained little flick, but here Caruso and stars Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan have broken that mold wide open. This clip reiterates some of what we know from the teaser — that Shia is railroaded into cooperating with a shadowy and advanced outfit — but mirrors it with Monaghan’s story before pushing into full-on Matrix plus Hitchcock territory. We already knew Caruso loved Hitch, but I’m starting to be convinced that this might actually live up to the neuveau North By Northwest premise, at least with respect to scale. Eagle Eye will, of course, have to sport a hell of a score and sense of title design to even touch North By Northwest.

The trailer is hosted at the embed-unfriendly Yahoo.