Wow. Such a bad movie. And I even sorta liked The Lady In The Water, and managed to glean a fair amount of enjoyment from both Signs and The Village before the endings ruined both of them. But man, The Happening
was just a shitfest from beginning to end. Especially poor Marky Mark,
whom I normally enjoy (in a completely hetero way). Maybe if he had
played a bad-ass, hardscrabble science teacher who beat the shit out of
the airborne toxins instead of a milquetoast. I dunno, I’m no script writer. Regardless, who would have thought that a movie with a man being run over by a lawn mover wouldn’t be good? On a completely unrelated note, I unabashedly loved Maximum Overdrive. Soda can to the dome for the win!

So the AARCHIVE is coming along nicely! The button actually works and I’ve moved over everything up to 30 so far. I should move 20 a week as long as I don’t become a slacker. Or fabulously rich. If I get rich enough to quit my job, I’ll probably  move  up to 40 a week. But anyway, until the AARCHIVE is done, you can still check out the old ones here.