Yahoo’s serious about rebuilding their brand around media. They’ve been steadfastly working on a YouTube competitor, and have reportedly been attempting to lure YouTube personalities to the other side of the fence. They also announced two new original scripted comedies back in April: Other Space and Sin City Saints. These shows will make their debuts Netflix style, with all episodes available at once. Both shows have an eight-episode first season, and will premiere on Yahoo Screen before the year is out.

Today, it was unexpectedly announced that a deal had been struck with Sony to bring a sixth season of Dan Harmon’s Community over to Yahoo. Weird, right? This comes right on the heels of the announcement that Hulu had declined a similar offer. Yahoo Screen will show a thirteen-episode season, but will do it in a more traditional weekly format. A premiere date hasn’t yet been chosen.

What hasn’t yet been officially announced is who the showrunner will be. We can safely assume it’s Dan Harmon, but if it isn’t, I’m sure all of you who care will let Yahoo know how you feel.