Shock Til You Drop has the premiere of the US poster for All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, the long-shelved debut film from The Wackness director Jonathan Levine. The poster – which features an R-rating as big as the title! – has a very Funny Games vibe to me, although Amber Heard’s Mandy Lane doesn’t look as distressed as Naomi Watts.

I can’t say I’m as over the moon about Mandy Lane as many of my colleagues are, and I think it’s too bad that Levine’s first film will end up being seen as his second, especially since The Wackness shows a lot of growth, but Mandy Lane is a good genre film that throws some of the conventions on their ears in fun ways. Nobody knows when the thing will actually open – when talking to Levine about The Wackness he told me he’s done worrying about the release date of Mandy Lane and that he just told the distributor that he’d be available for press whenever they got around to it.